Children Mission’s Network was brainchild of friends Brenner Campbell and Felix Chiota. It was born because of a shared passion to love children and sharing God’s love.

As Christian believers, each one of us is called to minister to the lost, as the Great Commission says in Matthew 28:19-20. We are also called to care for widows and orphans. CMN has a passion and a focus on the children. We are partnering up with local churches in the country of Zimbabwe to provide financial and material support for the huge number of orphans in the country. With an estimated 25-30% of the country infected with AIDS, the country has produced over One MILLION orphans. CMN continuously explores opportunities to help the children of Zimbabwe. Whether building provisions, such as housing (always done in a family style setting and not institutionalization style) and schools, CMN has a heart and desire to help.

We believe that a Christian emphasis on life is imperative to the children’s
success as in anyone’s life.

CMN is only 6 years old, but it has been incredible to watch The Lord put
people and organizations in our paths that have been doing similar work for decades and these people and groups have blessed us by partnering with input, prayer and ground support.

CMN does not desire to Americanize the children it supports. We want to
raise Christian leaders to better their own countries and further God’s hope
to their fellow countrymen who so desperately need to hear the Gospel of

Out of obedience CMN started. When one is called by The Lord to do a work, then the person better obey. It is awesome to watch God work in ones obedience and the ease to which He allows things and people to come
together. Countless people have already felt called to be apart of CMN in
prayer and giving. If you feel Him tugging at your heart, be obedient and
watch what happens.