Since 2008, CMN has partnered with Hands of Hope in Zimbabwe, specifically near Beatrice, improving a 1000-acre site that has been donated by local philanthropists.  The site consists of buildings that need to be updated with roofing, electricity, water and other essential provisions. This site has several bore-holes (covered water well with a pump). The buildings have been made into school rooms, study rooms, trade teaching rooms and additional housing for the farm workers and farm manager.  Three homes have been constructed on site and we now house approximately 28 children.  We are now working with the local council of government to obtain more permits to build out the project as funds become available. We can build up to 15 houses on the property.  The property is well on its way to becoming self sustaining with a solid cattle and chicken operation, but until the business plan is in full swing, outside donations will be needed to meet the annual budget needs.

CMN is currently raising funds to build a new multipurpose building at the Orphan Village.  Currently over 100 people attend church services at the farm on Sundays and they gather around the garden sitting on stumps, blocks, an occasional chair or a blanket on the ground.  The multipurpose building will be sized in a manner that allows a full size basketball court for play time in the evenings out of the elements of weather.  It will be a thatched roof, open sides, concrete floor facility that can have divider walls put up during the week to serve as additional school classrooms, and on Sundays the facility will be used for church services.  The estimated cost to build such a structure is around $400,000.  This is a challenge we would LOVE your help with.

Children’s Mission Network’s primary goal is to raise funds to meet the needs of as many children as possible in Zimbabwe and beyond.