1. The NUMBER ONE way to be a sponsor is to commit to pray daily for Children’s Mission Network.  We know we are here because the Lord has put us here.  We are simply being obedient, and we ask that you be obedient to the Lord and if you feel lead to pray for us, please do so daily.
  2. You can make monthly donations, annual donations or a one-time donation.
    If you elect to sponsor us monthly we ask that you make a minimum donation of $5/month.  This small amount is not even enough cover a “combo” meal at McDonald’s and yet it can help feed one child for almost an entire month! 
  3. CMN also encourages sponsors who have access to children’s Bibles, “obsolete” computers, games, school supplies (stationary, books etc.), clothes, shoes, and toys. All these things make a tremendous impact in the lives of Zimbabwe’s impoverished children.

Thank you for being open to The Holy Spirit moving in you