Brenner visited Zimbabwe in October and November of 2013 where he visited Goshen Farm, the orphan village he helped establish.  There are wonderful things happening at Goshen.  In the last year two chicken houses have been built where a fantastic egg operation has commenced which helps supplement two of the three children’s homes at the farm.  Two more chicken houses are under way and should be completed by the end of January, 2014.  The hope is to build around 20 chicken houses which will produce enough income to provide for around 10 children’s homes at the farm.

The school at the farm is now busting at the seams.  We are utilizing every available space we have for grades 1, 2 and 3 and next year we wont have room for grade 4.  We want to build a new facility that will be the size of a basketball court and serve as the new school during the week, the church on Sundays and provide a place for children to play during the rainy season.  We hope to commence construction on this building the first of the year in order to have it ready for next school year.  Please consider donating to this effort.  The cost is not near what it would be in the States.  We can get a new school/church/play area built for under $100,000US.  Please join us in praying for our precious children and consider what the Lord may have you give in helping share the love of Christ with His children in Zimbabwe.

As you can imagine, we are in great need for any financial support as the economy has suffered here in the states, so has the giving. Please keep CMN in your prayers as we continue to cherish His little ones and seek to do His will in providing for these beautiful children.